Frequently Asked Questions

The Functional Osteopath

These are some of the more commonly asked questions but if you don’t see your question here, please get in touch and ask. Deirdre has a wide skill set within all of the disciplines she uses to practice.

The Consultation Process

Does the consultation need to be done in person?

Neither the initial consultation or any follow-ups need to be done in person and can be done via telemedicine video or phone call.

Do I need to remove my clothing?

This can be asked of you in order to see an injured area or to assess the skin and body properly, but if you are against it, you will not be forced to do so.

Do I need to fill out all of the forms?

These are to help Deirdre understand you and your condition in addition to  other possible diagnoses I need to consider based on the responses you give. Deirdre requires you to fill these out and send them at least 2 days before the appointment to be reviewed in enough time.

Do I need a physical examination?

Deirdre is an osteopath and uses manual therapy not only as a treatment but as a diagnostic assessment. The physical examination is needed to feel what is going on in the body.  Additionally, a physical examination gives clues about other aspects of health such as optimal nutrition and brain health.  The physical assessment encompasses a neurological examination and physical ability and nutritional assessment.

Qualifications and Therapies

What is the difference between an osteopath, physio and chiropractor?

We are all manual therapists but differences lie in how we are taught. There can be overlap with ideologies and techniques, especially if the vision is a holistic one. Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals. Click here to learn more.

What treatment modality is best suited for me?

Deirdre uses a few different manual modalities such as auricular acupuncture, dry needling and battlefield acupuncture alongside manual techniques or as stand alone treatment. Deirdre will evaluate the best modality but will always discuss the choices with you.

Do I have to have manipulation?

High velocity thrust techniques are used at times but they are not required or mandatory. Deirdre will always ask before she does a technique and explain her choices with your consent.

Can you help me?

Deirdre has helped all ages and a variety of complex conditions. If there is a specific condition you have a question about, please get in touch. Even the most complex condition can be helped with.

Is acupuncture painful?

There can be a slight prick sensation but generally most people don’t find this to be a discomfort. If there is a situation where the needles become uncomfortable, they will be removed immediately but Deirdre will explain this and get your consent before doing acupuncture.

Why do I need to take supplements?

Supplementation is used to augment the dietary strategies that Deirdre advises in order to achieve as optimal a level as possible for the duration of time together. There can be a few reasons why someone does not take enough nutrition from their diet. Often there is a break in the digestive process that causes malnutrition. Adequate nutrition relies on the knowledge of the individual and in many cases, their food intake is lacking diversity and volume to provide what they need. Supplements are never used to replace good food choices, rather to help assimilate nutrients that were blocked before or boost metabolic processes that may have been suffering on account of poor nutrition. There are some supplements that most people should take daily because they are commonly deficient. The supplements are chosen from reputable companies for their quality and amount of active ingredient and Deirdre will always discuss her choices with you based on symptoms or test results.

Payments and Insurance

Do you take insurance?

Deirdre does not accept insurance but there can be reimbursement made for some of the modalities from insurance providers such as osteopathic treatment and acupuncture, depending on the insurance provider. Functional tests are typically not covered through insurance because they have a different level of analysis and breadth of investigation that are usually more comprehensive and costly. Deirdre will advise what tests are needed to start with and go through the options with you.

Packages and Ad Hoc Sessions

Why do I need a package?

The package allows for continuity of treatment and is ultimately better value than ad hoc sessions. The package is designed for more complex cases and people who need more support in between sessions.

What if I need to stop my package?

Stopping and starting packages is not usually allowed because of the time it takes to prepare outside of the meeting time and the advice is given for the presenting condition at the start. Deirdre will give you the framework to apply within that timeframe. Unless it is an extenuating circumstance, Deirdre does not allow stopping the package and picking up at a later date. This will be evaluated individual basis though.