MB Transformation

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MB Transformation

What is MB Transformation?

These packages reflect the integration of the two main disciplines under which I practice, functional and osteopathic medicine. 

Treatments included in MB Transformation Packages

  • Therapeutic Pain Education
  • Be-Activated Neuromuscular Technique
  • Cranial and Visceral techniques
  • Structural Osteopathic Techniques
  • Vestibular Techniques
  • Medical Acupuncture-upon consent
  • Auricular Acupuncture-upon consent
  • Functional testing Analysis
  • Nutrition and Eating Habit Analysis
  • Lifestyle Analysis included sleep hygiene and patterns; exercise
  • Supplementation Education and Advice

MB Transformation brings an awareness of what needs to change by combining the manual techniques and therapeutic pain eduction of Body Renewal with the strategies of Functional Medicine. You will have the tools and the knowledge to continue to make positive, lifelong changes to truly transform your health.

Who is MB Transformation for?

These packages are designed for those who want to use both functional and osteopathic medicine. They are designed for anyone who has the motivation, willingness and time to prioritise and transform their health. You will be given many information tools for diet, lifestyle, current research, exercise and support to help you manage your condition, but this is a highly collaborative journey.  I  genuinely look forward to helping my clients reach their goals but they can only materialise with active participation and open communication throughout.  That is what makes this dynamic process so interesting because no two conditions are ever treated the same way.  Everything is personalised along the way. 

Transformation Consultation, £440, 90 minutes

In the consultation:

  • Before meeting, I will have sent you several intake forms that will provide me with further details about your current health and past history. When we meet, we will discuss your answers and delve deeper into your healthy story.
  • We will go through your most recent lab results.
  • You will be given a neurological and nutritional head to toe examination
You will leave with:
  • Detailed education around your diagnosis and prognosis.
  • A review plan prioritising the best food plan and lifestyle advice to address your personal health goals
  • A prescriptive list of nutraceuticals if appropriate.

Transformation Intro Package, £1010, 6 weeks

This is an intro package to working with functional medicine and bodywork. This package is for those cases that are not complex and also designed for virtual sessions.

  • 90 minutes of consultation
  • 90 minutes of bodywork
  • 90 minutes of follow up time to review progress that can be split as you need.
This package is not designed with on-going support in between the sessions via email or phone. If this is something you think you will need, the Ultimate Package is designed for that capacity.

Ultimate Transformation Package, £2530, 3 months

This package enables us to work together for 3 months during which we will delve into your case using bodywork and functional medicine. You will learn many different ways to improve your vagal tone to promote recovery in your body and brain.

  • 4 hours of bodywork
  • 120 minutes consultation including physical examination
  • 60 minutes detailed report post consult that will include a bespoke treatment plan for the duration of the program. The information in this report can be changed as needed during our time together if goals are changed or progress is delayed.
  • 90 minutes of follow up time. This time can be broken up into segments that suit your needs.
  • You will receive materials and tools to do yourself so to create continuity when we are not together.
This package has 2 additional hours of professional time built in away from the clinical setting to provide the most current information about your condition.

Follow-Up Bodywork Session £160/hour

Follow-Up Functional Medicine £250/hour

Made to Measure
Personalised combinations of all treatments can be made in 15 minute units for 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute sessions upon request.


Testing and supplement costs are not included in the cost of our packages.