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My Approach and Why I do Packages

My approach has always started with the foundation of getting to know the client.  You can definitely learn a lot in 1 session, however really getting to core of who somene is takes time.  In my experience of training or treating clients, the best results are achieved with a process that allows for that time. You can definitely benefit from the guidance and direction in one or a few sessions but when the end goal is optimal health and wellness, expecting to reach this in one or 2 sessions is unrealistic.

Packages give the room to effectively monitor progress and implement a different strategy that may be more effective, if need be.  They allow for the natural progression of a relationship, which ultimately is the basis for all of the treatments I do. When the body and brain are in a safe place, true healing and change can occur. I produce a tailored plan that is personalised to you. Though someone may have similar symptoms, you will not have exactly the same treatment plan.  

This is because both disciplines of osteopathic and functional medicine appreciate the biochemical individuality of each individual and also that each person has a unique health story that brought you to where you are today.

You will also have more access to me during the package time and this type of on-going support is something that has shown to improve outcomes and commitment for many things we do, such as exercise.  You would much rather take a class or work with a trainer, rather than alone. The workout is usually much more effective and not boring.  Having the support keeps you motivated. 

Just think, when you are tired and don’t want to spend hours of precious time googling things on the internet only to be overwhelmed and more confused then when you started, you can just hand that responsibility over to me.  Ultimately, packages give me the opportunity to really get to know you and I believe this is a fundamental step to your healing. Remember, it took a long time for you to be in the position of changing your health.


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Enough time has to be given when the goal is optimal health. Packages give me the opportunity to really get to know you and I believe this is a fundamental step to your healing journey.