The Functional Osteopath

“Deirdre Nazareth worked miracles when I experienced a very bad back spasm. I went to see a very expensive osteopath in Harley Street who made no difference to my condition. An hour with Deirdre and I was able to bend over and touch my toes – and to walk normally for the first time in days.”

– Charles Cumming

“My 8 year old son has a complex genetic condition characterised by many gut and health related issues. His numerous courses of antibiotics have led to gut infections and constant ill health. We consulted Deirdre for help after conventional medicine failed. Thanks to her expert knowledge, dietary advice and detailed medical tests, we were able to clear up Che’s gut infections, eczema, excess mucus and wind. His health has improved exponentially. His energy levels have rocketed and he is now thriving. Thank you Dede, I can’t recommend you enough!”

– Sarah Summers

“I highly recommend using Deirdre to all my clients and dancer/fitness friends, from receiving advice on being healthier plus her acupuncture sessions, it really sorted out my back pain and made me feel fantastic. Her warmth as a person shines through which makes any appointment with Deirdre always a pleasure!”

– Stuart Bishop

“I have been visiting Deirdre Nazareth for the last 4 years, as my main osteopath and practitioner, to keep me healthy for my career and for my hobbies. As a professional Dancer and choreographer injury prevention and injury rehabilitation is an occupational necessity and Deirdre has seen, rehabilitated and prevented many injuries through my career, recently an ankle injury that put me out of work this year for a few months. Her advice and clear understanding was intrinsic in my rehabilitation. As a hobby I am also a keen marathon runner and the guidance I was given for my training, by Deirdre, was invaluable. Cannot recommend her enough.”

– Simeon John-Wake