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Be Activated Neuromuscular Activation

The body never lies. The brain however, is a master manipulator and will do whatever it can so that we, as organisms, can do the 2 things we need to do in order to survive:  breath and move.  If we cannot, we will fail to exist.  It is therefore a biological imperative to perform them well, but most people do not and are completely un-aware.  What compromises our ability to breath and move properly is chronic stress or unresolved trauma, whether  mental, emotional, physical.  

“We do not know what we do not know”.

What does this mean?  The brain will force the body to adopt coping strategies or cheat patterns (these are unique to you) in order to breath and move so that we can perform everything we need or want to do. The body will always find a way.  All you have to do is watch people move.  It is unbelievable how contorted one’s body can doing daily activities without conscious awareness.  People tend to have their unique way of doing a movement when they can’t do it in the optimal way. 

Unfortunately cheats never prosper in the long run.  The cheat overworks parts of the body (such as seen in repetitive strain) to the point of injury and at worst, collapse.  When we are stuck in our cheats, we are stuck in a heightened sympathetic, fight or flight, response because we are in fact fighting to survive.   This manifests in a defensive posture that corresponds with a heightened sympathetic response and apical or lateral-collateral breathing.  We can defend in two ways, fight or flee, and both utilise the same posture where everything tightens, all muscles and vessels, in order to protect vital organs and shunt blood where it needs to be in the limbs.  The brain, digestive and sex organs are not a priority when we are fighting or fleeing the survive, nor is the production of any enzymes, hormones or neurotransmitters that promote recovery.  

The resultant break from ideal postural alignment creates a continuous vicious circle of input between the mind and body enhancing the stress response until they freeze, where the body or mind reach a state of collapse and can not function optimally at all.  Unfortunately, the freeze state is becoming a common experience.  Mental and physical burnout, is seen and experienced often.  Perhaps you have or are.  The nervous system becomes so overwhelmed with over stimulation and can start to misinterpret the world to the point where everything is viewed as a threat. This overstimulation exhausts our reserves and is responsible for many of the chronic illnesses we know today. 

Our weakness or injuries are our past, present and quite possibly our future unless we can recognise what needs to be changed and then take the responsibility to change them.

Be Activated is a technique that helps uncover the cheat patterns in a way that is both immediate and measurable through a series of pre/post muscle and flexibility testing.  It can help elucidate the reasons why the cheats were there to begin with.  It is a method that integrates the neurophysiology of pain, the biology of stress and manual therapy in a way that brings a greater and deeper understanding of your self and why you do the things you do.

I provide you with useful tools to make the changes you need to get your body out of a fight or flight response and into a state where healing can begin.  You will learn how to train your brain and body so that they are successful in everything they do, whether that be in sports, work or home.  Like anything else though, you get out of it what you put into it.  In terms of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to learn and adapt, the more you do it, the more you will break learned neural patterns and enter into a new way of being. 

Some of the immediate benefits of Be Activated:

  • Better Posture
  • More energy
  • More power and strength instantly
  • Feeling lighter, relaxed and in control
  • More flexibility instantly
  • More coordination
  • More Balance
  • More Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Less Pain
  • Less Risk of Injury
  • Strong immune system
  • Improved brain health

“I was a bit clueless before activation, when we first started there were a lot of questions that occurred and through more activation most of those questions have been answered. For example, I thought I had always breathed through my mouth and slept bad but it seems like this has all stemmed from my teenage years when I got beaten up and my dad left.

This alone I believe has caused a lot of my upper body tension. As well as that we found out that my body shuts down when something comes within 1 feet of my vision, I feel my body panic and I have no strength. This was interesting because when I balance on 1 hand (which I find very easy) I cannot close my eyes and stay there. After working on my visual fields and activation I went home and trained as was able to perform this skill with relative calmness.”

– Sammy Dinneen, Professional Handbalancer, Acrobat, Circus Artist and Teacher