Nutrigenomics Testing and Packages

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Nutrigenomics Testing and Packages

“Nutrigenomics helps you tailor the nutritional choices that are best for YOUR health and longevity”
Deirdre Nazareth

I know the importance of genetics with regards to health having worked as a research assistant in the Department of Human Genetics at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. This technology was almost elusive but now it is available on our door step. We are at an exciting time where the testing of our DNA through Genomics Testing can help inform us about our health choices like never before. This knowledge alone is so empowering!

We are all unique and have a genetic blueprint that consists of subtle variations. Variation of a single nucleotide base in a DNA sequence or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), is the most common type of genetic variation. While many SNP’s have no health impact, some can be very important and impact how effectively we can produce, combine and remove substances from our body that influences how easily we can develop illnesses, respond to pathogens, chemicals, drugs or other environmental stressors.

Examples of SNPs in Health:

  • SNP in the ApoE Gene: Variants of the ApoE gene, such as ApoE4, are associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • SNP in the MTHFR Gene: Variants of MTHFR are associated with slower conversion of folate that can lead to slower methylation that has risks for cardiovascular, brain, liver and DNA health. 

Our genes however, are not always expressed.  They can be turned “on” or “off” by the influences of our environment.  Our genome is made of the compete set of genetic information contained in our DNA and this along with its associated structures can be modified without changing the sequence by the epigenome, the chemical tags of cellular, intracellular and environmental origin. 

Epigenetics is the study of this dynamic response of the genome to intra and extra cellular and environmental stimuli through individual cell to cell contact or by the environment the organism is exposed to. 

Nutrigenomics is one form of Epigenetics that highlights how your diet and lifestyle can influence your genome.  With your results, I will highlight the potential roadblocks in your blueprint and give you the relevant diet, supplement and lifestyle measures that are best for your long-term health.  The beauty of these tests is they only need to be done once and you can add reports for up to 6 months on the same sample. Your data is not shared with any third party and the sample is destroyed after 6 months. 

The DNA Packages include:

  • Lifecode Gx Test and Consultation (Personal Recommendations on diet, supplement and lifestyle)
  • Worldwide shipping costs included

N.B. Other companies genetic tests will not be analysed.