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Nutritional Therapy

How do you know if you are getting the right nutrition for you, your stage of life and also for any conditions you may have? How do you know if the diet you currently have is preventative against illnesses?  Perhaps there are issues with finances or time.  Often, patterns and habits of doing things limit one’s understanding of the breadth and variety if what is available. Knowing where to start can be so overwhelming that it further demotivates you.  You are not alone! These are all common questions and concerns with respect to nutrition.

Drawn from the science of understanding and interpreting nutrients in food and how our bodies use them and their relationship to the state of health or disease of our bodies, nutritional therapy is a simple yet potent tool to help achieve optimal health.  I am able to assess your nutritional status through a variety of means and with various levels of depth, whether it be gleaned from your symptomatic profile, history, physical examination or through using functional and nutritional testing. 

We will work together to support what you need. I started implementing the power of nutrition for myself at a very young age because I suffered from migraines and didn’t feel great in my body.  I knew this was where I could make a significant impact quickly and it did.  I have since used that foundation and expanded upon my nutritional knowledge with osteopathy, naturopathy and functional medicine. These modalities offer a breadth of knowledge that is more advanced and can be personalised with respect to specific conditions such as IBS, IBD and other autoimmune conditions, or neurological conditions. Get in touch to see how I can help you.