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Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions that is based on the understanding that structure governs function. This means that total wellbeing is reliant on the normal and balanced functioning of the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. Within this construct, there is also an inherent understanding that the organ systems are all connected and are thus all taken into consideration to deliver a holistic treatment.

The treatment process starts with getting to know you and an investigation of your presenting symptoms by delving into your medical and family history, lifestyle and any other relevant personal information. A physical and palpatory assessment is done to further understand the presenting injury and reach a diagnosis. A wide range of techniques are chosen from to suit your personal needs.

Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals regulated through a governing body that requires registration, regular CPD and insurance to maintain the license. Qualification takes a minimum of 4 years throughout which we have honed our expert anatomical knowledge through study and years of palpation which gives us a much deeper understanding of how systems are connected.

What Conditions Can Osteopathy Help With?

We treat a lot more than just backs. Common issues that present to an osteopath include:

– Headaches
– Migraine prevention
– Sports Injuries
– Neck Pain
– Shoulder Injuries/Frozen Shoulder
– Tennis Elbow and Other elbow pain
– Knee Pain
– Sciatica
– Neuralgia
– Rheumatic Pain
– Arthritic Pain


“When I lived in London Deirdre was my osteopath. With scoliosis, I needed to see an osteopath regularly. From my first session with Deirdre I felt completely at ease and appreciated her genuine, kind, compassionate yet always professional manner. What made her different to previous osteopaths I had worked with, was her holistic approach. She took the time to understand my lifestyle, my diet, what was happening in my life currently and this influenced the treatment I received. Deirdre’s nutritional studies in particular benefited me greatly and enabled me to explore what I could do on a daily basis to nourish myself and find overall health, of which my scoliosis was one part of. Ultimately I felt I had found someone, who though is an osteopath, has the aim of supporting her clients in finding optimum balance and well being. Now I am not based in London I miss our sessions dearly, I cannot recommend enough inviting this wonderful highly knowledgeable and skillful practitioner into your life.”

– Ciara Collins-Atkins Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga Teacher

“I first met Deirdre while I was professionally employed working as a fitness and dance instructor in one of London’s most prestigious fitness and dance studios in Shoreditch, East London. I instantly had a liking to her not only because of the energy she brought into my class, but her enthusiasm and hard working ethic towards the lesson and exercises that we partook. Not to mention the high level of knowledge she already had.

Following on from this we conversation about her career in osteopathy. Deirdre treated me with a quite severe injury I had in the metatarsals of my left foot, which, prior to treatment left me unable to do my job. I met with Deidre and she professionally treated my injury with compassion and left me feeling confident it wouldn’t take too much longer to get better. The next week I was back at work.

Since then I never hesitate to recommended any other dancers and /or fitness instructors to see Deirdre, all of whom give me the same feedback that I initially had on my first meeting/treatment with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough, as mentioned above, not only because of her professionalism, but sportsmanship, customer service and talent.”

– Brad Inness Dancer/Performer/Fitness & Dance Instructor

“I first encountered Deirdre Nazareth, through recommendation, while I was training for a marathon in 2013 and suffering from lower leg pain. I found Deirdre extremely approachable and articulate in giving me clear guidance with Osteopathy and aided me in not only completing one marathon but completing a great many more. As a professional dancer as well I have consulted and have used her services as my osteopath for the last 4 years, Deirdre has aided in my rehabilitation and keeping my body at the necessary performance level needed for my work. When your job involves your body being in top athletic conditioning, I could not recommend an osteopath more than Deirdre Nazareth to help you.

– Simeon John-Wake (Professional Dancer/International Movement Director)

“I have been seeing Deirdre for a few years. Initially for osteopathy where she was able to help me with rehabilitation after a spinal injury and partial arm paralysis to a point where I was able to walk and use my arm normally. She has helped me back to running and provided exercises to minimise injuries.

Deirdre also performed dietary and test analyses and provided eating plans to assist with digestion and detox which was needed to overcome the effects of significant medication I had to take during my spinal injury. I can now digest food easier and have a healthier diet. In the meantime my elevated levels of cholesterol have been reduced to normal levels.

Several people have remarked during the past year how healthy I am now looking and look at least 5 years younger.”

– Darren Keeley

“Deirdre Nazareth worked miracles when I experienced a very bad back spasm. I went to see a very expensive osteopath in Harley Street who made no difference to my condition. An hour with Deirdre and I was able to bend over and touch my toes – and to walk normally for the first time in days.

– Charles Cumming, Novelist