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Eczema, acne and rosacea are some of the skin conditions I commonly treat. The skin is the largest organ of detoxification and is a reflection of what is going on internally, primarily in the gut. Skin conditions can result from anything it is exposed to: what you put on it, eat or drink, the environment you live.  These stressors can result in dysbiosis where there is an imbalance of beneficial bacteria to more harmful microorganisms, altered gut integrity, food sensitivities,  nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. These root causes are often overlooked with conventional medical treatment and people are given solutions that mask the symptoms temporarily but cause them to come back, even with greater impact.  Book a call to see how I can help you.


“I have had a problematic skin for many years now. It started from acne at 16 and then it turned into itchy and dry skin with constant redness. I consulted many doctors, dermatologists, and gone through various treatments and taken many medicines, which gave no permanent results. The itchiness was getting worse with years, especially at night and I would scratch my head or body until it bled. In conjunction with that in the recent years, I have had quite serious, rather embarrassing issues with my digestive system. I consulted doctors’ about this issue, but they did not seem to find any connection between the two. I was just given more medicines / creams that I was already taking or told that I was fine. 

I have now been consulted by Deirdre for just about over a year. I met Deirdre, when she was my Osteopath in the occupational centre at my work. She instantly noticed that I may have some vitamin deficiencies by just looking at my skin.

Deirdre’s advise has allowed me to build the connection between the two issues I had, and take charge of my own health. Deirdre is a professional of her field and very knowledgeable about nutrition. She uses her extensive knowledge of biology and the microbiome to health.

The depth of her knowledge has been of great assistance to me and I have learned a lot about my own health. Simple things, like testing your vitamin deficiencies and what nutrients do not get absorbed (and for which reason) makes so much sense, but is a luxury that your doctor will not tell you. With Deirdre I have finally managed to see some results and get closer to understanding the mystery that is causing both my skin and digestive issues for so many years. Together we look at my test results and analyse what vitamins do or do not get absorbed, and what waste products do or do not get excreted properly. We do testing also with elimination diets in order to find out what reactions I get from various foods. I have evidenced many positive changes to both my skin and digestive system and Deirdre’ help has given me the hope that I can be confident and happy in my own body again.

– Julia Mihaylova, Certified Yoga Teacher

“I have suffered from Eczema for most of my life but over the last year I had an outbreak across my whole body. I used strong steroid creams which I found only made things much worse and on top of that over the last couple of months my eczema got infected with strains of Staph and Strep. The doctors prescribed me antibiotics which quickly cleared the infection for about a week and then it came back worse, they had no other alternative treatment other than to prescribe me more antibiotics and go back on steroid creams yet the strain of staph i had has been proven to be resistant to antibiotics, so it would have been an endless cycle and in fact strengthen the bacteria as it mutated to fight the antibiotic. It was by chance that i met Deirdre at a healing meditation class as this was going on. I have been working with Deirdre since and it has been an absolute blessing that I met her that night. Using the functional medicine route my infection and eczema has cleared massively with in just just a couple of months. Though at the beginning there were times I was feeling incredibly anxious as I was experiencing fevers and sever outbreaks on my skin, Deirdra helped me to power through and stick to a natural route and I can now say I’m so glad that I did. I’m now well on my way to a full recovery. Deirdre is an absolute pleasure to work with and a beautiful soul. I would recommend her and the functional medicine route to anyone in crisis.

– Jessica Wilde, Singer and Performance Artist