Traumatic Brain Injury

Have you suffered with chronic digestive problems, pain, headaches, repetitive injuries, problems with balance or concentration, mood disorders, brain fog, fatigue, trouble sleeping that do not resolve with traditional interventions? These are just some of the symptoms that commonly result from having suffered a traumatic brain injury, even several years after the incident. Traumatic brain injury includes minor head injuries and concussions, with or without loss of consciousness. There is also a similarity between the effects of post traumatic stress disorder and those of traumatic brain injury on the brain, which can be the result of neuroinflammation.

I use a combination of cranial and classic osteopathic techniques to restore normal alignment of the cranial bones and fluid flow within the skull. The brain is made of 73% water, is surrounded by an extensive blood vessel network and is bathed in a continuous flow of cerebral spinal fluid that help remove debris and other toxins while also providing protection.  This fluid flow provides the brain tissue with what it needs to function optimally. When this flow is impeded by structural derangement or inflammation, it causes toxin build-up that is damaging to neurons.

I use functional medicine in order to select the correct nutrition plan and nutraceuticals to restore and promote the health of the brain. Optimal brain health requires this constant fluid flow in addition to adequate nutrition, sleep and specific exercise to attenuate the effects of traumatic brain injury or PTSD and prevent neurodegenration.